Services Details

Tourist guides

An exceptional tour inside the palace accompanied by a guide who takes you on a historical tour of the palace and tells you its wonderful story in several languages (Arabic, English, French, German)

Audio guide

A specially designed device that serves as a guide telling information and stories about the Castle in 6 different languages


Digital guide

  One of the innovative digital solutions that contains many public and private information about the Castle

Art galleries

The palace includes many diverse works of art between painting, photography and sculpture in the form of permanent or visiting exhibitions of the most prominent artists, adults or emerging.

Watching sunrise and sunset

Enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset from the top of the horse in an atmosphere of calm and contemplation

lunch and dinner

An enjoyable experience to eat the most delicious local traditional dishes inside the palace, which are prepared at home, especially for visitors to the fort

Various activities and events

Enjoy with us in the midst of a variety of renewed activities that suit different groups in various local, international and global events

Camping around the Castle

Don't miss the opportunity to camp around the fort on the cool winter nights and enjoy watching the sunset and sunrise with one entry ticket

craft village

Building inside the courtyard of the fort made of glass reflecting the aesthetics of the fort, with a modern design in harmony with the surrounding environment, with a total area of 307 square meters. The building is a heritage craft mall that represents civilization and the art of Omani industry. It contains many services, a place for specialized Arabic coffee, a popular restaurant for local food, outlets for local products, a place for workshops.

community contributions

 The company that invests and operates the fort seeks the participation of the local community as success partners in all events, events and services